Sripada Samadhi

Regarding the tax exemption for research, we are doing actual research of the Vedic literatures. In this connection you can give the quotations from the many professors in America regarding how they are receiving my books which are heretofore unknown and unavailable to Western readers. Furthermore we are doing active research. We are demonstrating how people can live peacefully and simply, according to the correct civilization. Our ideas are not man-made imperfect ideas, but perfect scientific conclusions. In addition I have a number of Doctorate students in various fields of science, Dr. Svarupa Damodara, Dr. Wolf-Rottkay, Dr. Rao, and others. They can act as the Heads of the research. We are presenting ideal living on Vedic principles of purified life of no illicit sex, no meat eating, gambling or intoxication.

Letter to Giriraja : Mayapur, 1 October, 1974

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